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Miło nam poinformować, iż uczennice naszego liceum: Berenika Szycko (opiekun p. Katarzyna Prabucka) i Weronika Nykiel (opiekun p. Agnieszka Jastrzębska) zdobyły II i III miejsce w VIII edycji wojewódzkiego Konkursu Literackiego „All about…ideal education” (w kategorii poezji). Uroczyste wręczenie nagród odbyło się 6 czerwca 2018r. w Zespole Szkół Nr 6 w Szczecinie.

Zwyciężczyniom serdecznie gratulujemy, a poniżej prezentujemy nagrodzone wiersze:



You asked...

What is ideal education to me?

It's being free of constant stress, bullying,
questioning my worth or knowledge:

Did I learnt enough, will I get good mark?

Am I good enough?!

All the sleepless nights I sacrificed

to be where I am now: an A-student who passed

It wasn't ideal - it was necessary and expected.

I couldn't objected.

But why? what's the use of education
when there are this high expectations

Wasn't school supposed to be a save zone?

now young, hungry minds are gone

lost to rat race and injected with ether

They said: for the better!

you asked what and ideal education is to me?
something brand new and stress-free

without all the judging, bullies and marks

Is it that hard? To lose all the masks

that we wear and just for once
be teachers passing their knowledge to  students -
- that would be ideal... please, can someone make it real?

Teachers like voltures,
Circulate around me,
Judging and watching
Over my shoulder.
Suffering every hour,
minute and second,
Their looks are making
Me feel imprisoned.
The stress is soaring,
Its cold hand is reaching,
For whats left of being
And fearless.
It may look alarming,
But that's reality,
For innocent - penalty
Which we have to fight,
By making things right.
From rage to calm,
From fear to joy,
From sadness to hope.
The hero is needed,
Someone like teacher
With passion to job,
With chances to grow,
Not like the voltures,
Which keeping the throne.
Who cuts the bonds,
Rearranges minds,
Restores the faith
In our education.
We make him our guide,
To show us the way.
For artists to count,
For geeks to write,
For savants to speak.
For those who know the way,
And those who don't.
For dexterous,
For modest,
For ingenuine.
To not destroy, depress or ignite.
But for all to grow, progress and unite.