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Dnia  2 kwietnia 2019 w Zespole Szkól Nr 6 w Szczecinie odbyło się wręczenie nagród uczestnikom konkursu literackiego w języku angielskim: ”All about… independence”. Z radością informujemy, że uczennica klasy 2d Weronika Nykiel zdobyła II miejsce w kategorii poezji. To już drugi sukces naszej licealistki, której opiekunem jest pani Agnieszka Jastrzębska.

Gratulujemy Weronice osiągnięcia, a poniżej prezentujemy jej wiersz:


It is where we started

Where we fought

Where we united.

Our grandparents

Aunts, uncles, friends.

They all had wanted

Free government,

Free country,

And most important

-  Free will.

In world right now,

When time had passed,

Some people do not know,

What was It for ?

What was about?

These people are us.

Raised in times of robots,

In times of internet,

In times of ignorance.

What we had then,

What we have now.

The chains of past

Won't make us drown.

Independent colours,

Fireworks of silence,

Drums of relief.

For all the bad,

the pain that was here.

Our parents see it

As an amazing gift,

We take it for granted,

Due to not achieving it.

We don't really know

where it all started.

We didn't have to fight,

To build it from scratch.

But we can celebrate it

Show it in music and art,

In the world it is all the same,

In the world of technology,

I the world of plastic.

Opportunities that we have,

Nationality that we get,

They make us what we are.

Patriotism, independence, hope,

These words are known,

But rarely shown.

Our generation has its own way

To make people think about them,

To listen about them

To understand.

I don't mean the flags,

Colours, T-shirts.

I mean the things we do,

The good things,

Like volunteers

Or random help.

Because independence

Is celebrated when

We can use it.

For a good reason.